Where water tastes like wine

Where Water Tastes Like Wine out on PC today

This award winning bleak American folk tale looks and sounds stunningly good. 

San Francisco based indie studio Dim Bulb Games launches today in conjunction with Serenity Forge their narrative adventure game Where Water Tastes Like Wine, which last year got a great amount of praise after its featuring in E3 2017 for its stunningly beautiful artstyle and inspiring original music score. It’s now available for PC and Mac OS users alike.

Where Water Tastes Like Wine is a “bleak American folk tale about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny”.Its gorgeous trailer reflects a train travel scene told with hand drawn graphics (created by illustrator Kellan Jet) mixed in a 3D environment, all of it with the American desert backdrop looming around.

“Players wander through the United States – and through a century of history – to meet a variety of people, each with their own stories to tell”, described the game’s creators at its press kit website. Players will collect stories along their way and use them and the knowledge they provide to unlock new content and interactions in this American folkloric depression era surroundings.

Where water tastes like wine

Upon watching the game’s trailer it becomes evident how much passion Dim Bulb and Serenity Forge put into its development and artistic overall feel. With scenes that look like sequences of paintings coming to life with the urge to tell their story, it’s hard to think that any narrative game lover will afford to miss this American folk tale.

But these aspects have already been noticed through 2017, as Where Water Tastes Like Wine can already be called an award winning title, as reflected below:

  • “Independent Games Festival ‘Excellence in Narrative’ Nominee”
  • “Independent Games Festival ‘Nuovo’ Honorable Mention”
  • “IndieCade 2017 Developer’s Choice Award”
  • “SXSW 2017 Gamer’s Voice Award Nominee”
  • “AMAZE Award Nominee”
  • “IndieCade 2017 Official Selection”
  • “Best of the MIX LA 2017”
  • “IGN Best of Show E3 2017 Nominee”
  • “RPGFan.com Best of Show E3 2017”

Where water tastes like wine

A special recognition must be given to Ryan Ike, composer of Where Water Tastes Like Wine’s soundtrack, which could easily compete for best music score at any festival for its captivating and melancholic songs.

Where Water Tastes Like Wine is available now on PC and Mac OS systems. Although its Steam page hasn’t published an official price yet, its tag will be around the $20 mark.