Explore 0°N 0°W today on Steam

Walk through this colourful, open-world universe.

0N0W (what we’ll call this game from now on to save copy and pasting the ° symbol), an exploration game set in a different universe with mysterious physics, shapes and colors, releases today on Steam and has a new launch trailer. Colorfiction is a developer in New England that gave life to this surreal exploration game.

In the game with the unusual title, which is pronounced “Zero North, Zero West”, you must explore a beautiful environment where things are not as they seem. The laws of physics are not the same as our world, and the doors are always shifting – meaning that they don’t lead to the same places each time, leading to some surprising and beautiful areas.

There are no barriers in the game – everything that you see can be explored, and you can walk to the edge of the world if you wish.

A road trip to a town in the wild west led you to a single storefront, which is a portal that leads to this mysterious dimension.

0°N 0°W is an Indie Game Website Partner Game. Here is the 0N0W review, and here is the 0N0W preview here on Indie Game Website.

You can buy the game on the 0N0W Steam page for £6.47.