Path of Exile: Bestiary launches today on PC

Also coming to Xbox One next week!

Grinding Gear Games have announced today that the Path of Exile: Bestiary update is now available on PC. The free update features the new Bestiary Challenge League, in which players compete to hunt and capture nearly 300 of the most dangerous animals that populate Wraeclas and then sacrifice their prey to create and augment potent items. Visit and observe the beasts you’ve captured whenever you want, then use them to fuel your beastcrafting. The update also addes new bestiary sets which contain four new sets of items based on the powerful spirit beasts to mix and match them with other items to discover new potent builds.

In addition the update also will include such features like:

  • Capture Dangerous Beasts: Track Wraeclast’s most dangerous animals, weaken them, and capture them to make them your own. There are around 250 regular beasts and 40 legendary beasts to capture.
  • Complete your Bestiary: As you capture beasts from across Wraeclast, they are marked in your Bestiary, a permanent record of your progress through this league.
  • Beastcrafting: Perform the ritual of Sacrifice by Combat at the Blood Altar to create and augment potent items. There are dozens of powerful recipes that require the sacrifice of different combinations of beasts that you have collected.
  • New End-Game Foes: Capturing and crafting with the right set of beasts may grant you entrance to difficult spirit boss encounters with powerful unique item rewards.
  • The Story Continues: High-level players will be able to challenge The Elder and The Shaper simultaneously, deep in the center of the Atlas of Worlds – the toughest boss encounter in Path of Exile yet!
  • New Unique Items: Harness the power of 29 new Unique Items and completing new Prophecies to transform your items to one of 30 new Fated Unique Items.
  • New Gems: Discover and build around three new gems including the new skill Spectral Shield Throw and the new support gem Summon Phantasm on Kill.
  • Ascendancy Class Revamp: Explore countless new build options with each of our extensively rebalanced Ascendancy Classes.
  • And much more: We’ve also added a new quest to Act Ten and have made many other small changes including ongoing performance improvements.

If you are interested in checking the Path of Exile: Bestiary expansion it is available right now on PC and is due to come out later next week for the Xbox One.  If you haven’t already tried Path of Exile take a look at the Path of Exile Steam page.