Tales of the Neon Sea

Cyberpunk mystery Tales of the Neon Sea announced

A 2D pixel art point and click adventure from the publishers behind Candleman. 

Tales of the Neon Sea

Zodiac Interactive, the publisher behind Candleman: The Complete Journey, announced today Tales of the Neon Sea, a new title they’re working on alongside indie developers at Palm Pioneer studio. This project will add one more cyberpunk themed release in the indie games environment this year, following the greatly praised The Red Strings Club.

Although there aren’t many in depth details available yet about Tales of the Neon Sea, what we do know is that the game focuses on a mystery oriented narrative point and click experience, enveloped in some beautiful pixel art graphics, something indie developers have been relying on pretty often lately.

Zodiac Interactive described the setting for Tales of the Neon Sea as a “striking cyberpunk future world”, while attaching a first glance screenshot of a colourful 2D scenario where the main character seems to be a mysterious cloaked detective-like man.

Tales of the Neon Sea

Other details than can be analyzed through this first glance we were given -which doesn’t contain too much information, to be clear- is the saturated neon city where Tales of the Neon Sea seems to take place. On that regard, the game’s title is pretty accurate.

Some references to today’s world are clear with a shop called “7 Twelve” behind our cloaked probable protagonist, a Route 66 sign and a lot of ads written in asian languages, a typical sight for cyberpunk themed worlds. Apart from that, there’s also a “Private Detective” office nearby and an election propaganda piece that seems to tell us a bit more about what will be going on.

“The game is a mysterious adventure set in a striking cyberpunk future world and brought to life using detailed 2D pixelart. The game will be a point & click adventure, with puzzle-solving elements, and an intriguing central narrative”, expressed Zodiac Interactive through their latest press release.

With not much else to go on, we’ll just have to wait until late this year to know more about Tales of the Neon Sea.