Another Sight

Another Sight gets teaser trailer

A steampunk-laced adventure in Victorian London with a girl and her cat.

Another Sight

In Another Sight, brought to you by Italian developers Lunar Great Wall Studios, the player will take on the dual roles of a teenage girl called Kit, and her cat, Hodge. Kit has fallen through the cracks of Dickensian British society, and inhabits the perilous underworld of Victorian London.

Having lost her sight due to an injury sustained during a tunnel collapse, she teams up with a new feline companion and explores a surrealist steampunky world, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series Neverwhere. Kit and Hodge are both playable characters, and this duality will allow the player to experience the game from two very different perspectives and play styles, with Hodge accessing areas that Kit is unable to reach.

The visuals of the game are extremely creative, with the appearance of the world changing as the game progresses to reflect the people the main characters meet, including artists such as Claude Monet and Jules Verne. The audio will feature orchestral flourishes which provide additional texture to important moments in the relationship between the two protagonists.

Lunar Great Wall Studios are based in Milan and pride themselves on producing ‘emotion-driven’ gameplay, with Another Sight being the first of several planned projects. The game will preview later on this year at GDC and will be available on PC and console. For now, though, you can keep an eye on its game development by following LGW studios on Twitter.