Copy Kitty

Copy Kitty gets Steam release date

2D platformer leaving Steam Early Access next month.

Copy Kitty combines everything you love about classic 2D platformers into something completely new. Play as Boki, a superhero in training with the ability to copy the attacks of anything she fights and then combine them into a unique super-weapon! You’ll need to mix-and-match your powers to blast your way through an army of deadly robots and puzzling environments.

Boki can perfectly copy the abilities of anything she fights—but not content with mere mimicry, she can also combine up to 3 abilities at once to form 175 completely unique super-weapons! She wants to be a hero one day, but doesn’t think she’s cut out for the job. To help hone her skills, Boki’s insectoid uncle sends her into virtual reality to do battle with hordes of dastardly robots!

The game features:

  • Story mode with over 100 levels and 20 bosses plus Hard Mode variants.
  • Two playable characters with unique abilities, weapons, and campaigns.
  • Endless mode, with randomly-generated environments and bosses.
  • Full level editor to make and share your own levels.
  • Cyber sci-fi setting with a dynamic techno soundtrack.

Developer Nuclear Strawberry says of the Early Access version of the game:

““We love to hear user feedback to ensure the game ends up as good as possible. We’ve been running small beta tests for a while and they’re always really helpful, so we’d love to do some testing that’s a bit bigger in scale! Community feedback is great for smoothing out any rough parts of the game. A lot of the features and enemies in the game were suggested by fans, and we look forward to more great suggestions! There’s even a level editor, so some of the in-game missions were based on ones sent in by fans.”

Copy Kitty will be launching fully on Steam on the 19th of April. You can already download Copy Kitty on Steam now for £6.99 / €9.99 / $9.99. Once the game has fully launched, the price will increase to €14.99 / $14.99 (no price info for pounds yet).