New trailer for Sky Noon, and sign-ups for closed beta begin today.

Show your opponent’s who’s the best cowboy in town.

Sky Noon, a Wild West first person shooter that takes place on floating islands, is now taking sign-ups for closed beta. You can sign up for the closed beta on the Sky Noon official website. In addition, the game has a new Youtube trailer. The game will be available on Steam.

Sky Noon is an online multiplayer, first person shooter where you battle to knock your opponents off the islands using a variety of weapons, like the machine pistol, shotgun, or the revolver. These weapons charge blasts of air rather than bullets, which are useful for blasting your opponents off the stage. Remember, there are no health bars, so the game is all about knocking your opponents off the stage.

Sky Noon is full of other useful items, such as lassos and jetpacks. Jetpacks are used to float in the air, while lassos can be used to save friendly cowboys from being eliminated. Levels are also littered with jump pads and teleporters.

Sky Noon is Being developed by Lunar Rooster, a studio found in Auckland, New Zealand. Lunar Rooster is a small team of four game developers who met at the Media Design School at Auckland. Lunar Rooster has teamed up with Reverb Triple XP, a service provider for indie developers.

You can find the game on the Sky Noon Steam page. The game is planned to launch in Early Access in the second quarter of 2018.