Earth Atlantis

Earth Atlantis submerging into Xbox One and PS4

Indie developers at Pixel Perfex have achieved a great milestone after also hitting Nintendo Switch.

Indie game developers at Pixel Perfex studio have reached an important milestone in their careers today when they announced the arrival of their award winning, post apocalyptic underwater action-filled shooter, Earth Atlantis, to Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.

This is not the first great achievement for Earth Atlantis, having been released for Nintendo Switch last year with greatly positive reviews, mainly for its exciting gameplay, very interesting storyline and, last but not least, immensely creative “Old Sketching” art and visual style.

Earth Atlantis tells the story of an almost extinct due to climate change humanity, save for a few survivors that have adapted to live underwater after most of Earth’s land was flooded. Technology has evolved by itself and now roams the depths in the form of half machine, half beast hybrids.

This game’s unique art style has the intention of reminding us of the early exploration days of humanity, when bold theories assured that terrifying, unknown monsters lived beneath the oceans. As explorers of this new Earth, players will face these fearless creatures and reconquer what once was its rightful home.

Earth Atlantis

Earth Atlantis won the “Vermilion Gate” Award (Best in Show) during the 5th BitSummit 2017 in Kyoto, as well as the “Excellence in Art” Award during BIC Festival 2016 in Busan.

As noted by publishers at Headup Games in the latest press release, Earth Atlantis will feature the following:

  • Original side-scrolling shooter with a monster-hunting objective
  • Unique “Old Sketching” visual style
  • Two game modes: Quest mode, Hunter mode
  • 4 Playable ships with unique weapons
  • 25 large monsters and 4 enemy ships to hunt with 12 special events to complete

Thrilling exploration and epic boss battles await for players daring to dive into Earth Atlantis, which will be available on consoles during the second quarter of 2018.