Nowhere: Lost Memories

Nowhere: Lost Memories now on

Immersive first person mystery adventure released on the indie platform.

Nowhere: Lost Memories is a first person mystery adventure. An immersive game about exploration and discovery that will puts you in the role of a mysterious character who will have to delve into a strange place exploring each area and solving the different enigmas in order to discover the truth. But something dark hides behind this place, you are not the only one who has been here before.

Nowhere offers you a fully three-dimensional immersive environment in which you can move freely. Each area of the game is a puzzle that you must solve in order to move forward, using your wits and your intuition, paying attention to every detail. Nothing is casual in Nowhere, every corner of every object, every text, every image, is a piece of a story that will catch you from the beginning.

Nowhere: Lost Memories is available to purchase now on for a minimum price of $2.