The Lonely Gorilla

The Lonely Gorilla gets Early Access Steam release

Evade poachers and find your family in hyper-realistic gorilla simulator.

The Lonely Gorilla

The African Savannah may look pretty but it’s an unforgiving and vicious place to live. All the moreso if you’re a lone gorilla who has been separated from his troop and are at the mercy of poachers and predators. Animal simulators are ten a penny on Steam these days, with plenty of comedy sims like Goat Simulator, but The Lonely Gorilla takes things in a very different direction, with a hyper-realistic gameworld for the majestic silverback main character to explore.

As a gorilla, you first have to consider basic elements of survival in the bush, such as food, water and shelter. The game features a “living, breathing environment,” with a realistic weather system, day-night cycle, and even a plant growth system, with several types of biomes including rainforest and grassland.

The main objective is to first find your family, and then provide for and protect them. There are various dangerous animals stalking in the shadows, as well as poachers. You also have to worry about the hierarchy of your family group, since you are not the only silverback and you must demonstrate your alpha status to rival males, or risk losing control of the troop.

The Lonely Gorilla is the first PC game from developers Funderground Games from Manchester, UK, although they have been developing mobile games for two years. The focus in this game is on faithfully recreating the natural environment and wildlife of Africa. The game will hopefully be going live on Steam imminently at time of writing, and definitely looks like one to watch, so long as the standard of gameplay and stability match up to that of the stunning visuals.