Pinbrawl makes its way to Xbox One and PC

Get ready to become a pinball gladiator!

Independent developer Northern Heart Games has announced that its debut game Pinbrawl will be launching on both Xbox One and PC this year! The game pits up to four players against each other on multi-sided pinball tables as Pinbrawlers – wobbly, wacky critters from across the galaxy. Harness the momentum of your flailing Pinbrawler to smack the ball through your friends’ flippers and score! Pinbrawl expands the concept of Pinball into a three-dimensional, enhanced verticality that allows players to hit the ball over enemy flippers, not just through them. Customise your battles a cute cast of eight playable characters, eight charming stages and a variety of thrilling game modes.

Pinbrawl is the next local multiplayer hit, focusing on exciting and unpredictable gameplay. Players use the most iconic elements from classic pinball – like paddles and bumpers – to smash the ball past their rival’s defences. While it’s easy to pick up and the objective is to have crazy fun, dedicated players will develop unique strategies to become champions.  Even better, Pinbrawl is appropriate for all ages, making it the perfect multiplayer choice for any get together.

No release date or price has been announced as of yet, however if you are interested in checking out the game while it’s still in Early Access you can do so by checking out on the Pinbrawl page.