Toy Generals

Toy Generals deploys into Early Access

Indie studio Arjuna Games releases the first version of its toy soldiers RTS.

Russian indie developers at Arjuna Games announced today the release of their RTS (Real Time Strategy) game featuring classic toy soldiers, Toy Generals, into Steam’s Early Access as of April 11th. The game features a Toy-Story-like feeling in which players will have to defend their house from invaders with their army of little green plastic soldiers.

Toy Generals features a real-time strategy based combat that expects users to think carefully about positioning and each unit’s unique traits in order to plan ahead the perfect battle through more than 30 different maps.

Players will have one basic resource: tactical points. Through them, they’ll be able to perform more actions in combat and upgrade their armies. These points will become more and more available as the general (the player) levels up and progresses through the game.

Toy Generals

As Toy Generals’ latest press release informed, these are some of the key elements of this new RTS:

– fierce tactical battles in real-time environment on more than 30 maps;
– seven soldiers with unique skills in your army;
– eleven villains with specific tactics;
– development of General’s skills;
– artillery and airpower;
– battles with insects;
– an epic battle with the arch villain and his deadly machinery.

Arjuna Games announced that once the Early Access stage of Toy Generals is finished, they will add the following content:

– multiplayer mode on big maps with possibility to buy troops during the battle;
– tactical mode that provides more precise unit operation in first person shooters style;
– development of soldiers’ skills and their upgrade.

This Russian indie studio is composed by three young developers, Sergei, Alexey and Alexander, and it’s based in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

At a very affordable price of USD $9, Toy Generals is a great choice for players looking to relive their childhood’s imagination-based adventures and engage in challenging, tactical combat.