Phobos Vector Prime is out now on PS4

Discover the origin of the Renegade faction.

Phobos Vector Prime, developed by independent team Gunstar Studio is officially available on the Playstation 4 digital store today! The year is 2490, space expansion has started. Humanity has the necessary technology to explore the Solar System for the first time and the galaxy has become a battlefield. Space pilot J.L. Brown hates this war, but he decides to enroll for the money and remain hidden until he is required. However J.L’s sleep is altered by a mysterious explosion and after regaining control of his damaged ship, the pilot sets out to discover what is happening, but the TFR will not make it easy.

This nostalgic video game combines the classic mechanics of the great arcade titles of the 80s with the MOBA’s strategy adapted to an intriguing narrative. All of this accompanied by a spectacular retro-wave style original soundtrack. The game allows you to have a variety of engagements in combat such as:

• Deal with multiple enemy waves and powerful final bosses that will try to stop your investigation.
• Use the landscape to fight against your enemies: hack, set snares and deploy your allied minions.
• Use the power of your integrated combat systems.

If you are interested in picking up the game at all, you can do so right now on the PSN store, where Phobos Vector Prime is available for £7.99.