Don’t Pray to Satan out now on Steam

Can you save the wayward souls of this Satanic city?

Don't Pray to Satan

The battle between good and evil is the bread and butter of the video game industry, but few take as literal an approach to that theme as Don’t Pray to Satan. The conceit of this small game is diabolically simple: stop your wayward flock from falling into the hands of the Devil himself, and keep their hearts pure.

The citizens of this settlement are in danger of falling body and soul into the hands of the Beast, and they have constructed a gigantic temple to Satan. Your tools in this epic battle of light vs darkness are many: call upon various divine powers such as manipulating the weather to provide signs, build buildings which can help draw your people back to the right path, or nominate someone to serve as your earthly ‘vessel’.

The city, which is randomly generated with no two versions the same, has a day-night cycle and a fully functioning artificial life system, with each inhabitant having a full daily routine, as well as thoughts and secrets they will try to hide from you. Keep an eye on their daily and nightly activities and try to stop them slipping further into sin, and watch out for the Black Mass where Satanists will try to achieve their ultimate goal: sacrificing themselves to the fires of Hell.

This game released on Wednesday, and early reviews have praised its humour value and said it shows promise. It is produced by the elusive Milkjug Studios, who have proven responsive so far in fixing bugs. Find it on Steam here. For more Satanic entertainment, check out The Unholy Society.