Objects In Space

Objects in Space gets Early Access date

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Objects in Space is a retro open-world stealth-action space game in which starships are modelled on Cold War era submarines rather than on WWII era dogfighters.

Players take control of their own small ship and must traverse the tumultuous Apollo star cluster – a new home for humanity outside our solar system – a place alone in the universe, with no contact from Earth in almost fifty years. Objects also allows players who want to go beyond keyboard and mouse to build their own custom starship bridges at home using physical hardware. The team at Flat Earth Games have built a bridge to show players what can be done, and fans have already started building their own completely unique versions at home in anticipation of the game’s launch.

Leigh Harris, co-founder of Flat Earth Games said:

“This is a 90s-style space game but with the huge expectations of a contemporary open-world game. It was designed around a central narrative but without a hero’s journey, so players can treat it as a sandbox and play with the game’s intricate economies or explore and find stories and characters to engage with.”

Elissa Harris, also co-founder, added:

“We’ve taken the tension of submarine simulators and borrowed from them to make a space game which doesn’t require intense reflexes. Players who want to avoid combat altogether can pay attention to pirate notices and avoid it, while those who like tense combat challenges can seek it out via bounty hunting contracts and more.”

Make sure to sign up for the Objects in Space beta if you’re interested, which launches on the 21st of June for PC/Mac.