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Memories of Mars creators reveal unique mechanic

Whether the weather is bright or blustery is about to have a big impact on your chances of survival.

Developers of Memories of Mars, 505 Games and Limbic Entertainment, have revealed more about the hostile world of the Red Planet in advance of an exclusive closed beta weekend for their survival title.

In the unique ‘seasons system’ revealed today, which supposedly sets Memories of Mars apart from other survival games, death will be inevitable for even the most skilled players as periodic catastrophic solar flares wipe the planet’s surface of all life and player-made infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

This unforgiving mechanic sees the player transferring some of the talents and abilities learned through the season to a series of clones, allowing players the ability to download previous memories of how to build and craft to get a head start on surviving the next season.

Memories of Mars

Memories of Mars will task players with surviving the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the Red Planet while building a habitable homestead and competing against other players and enemy NPCs for resources and opportunities. Players can team up to explore, gather resources and build defence bases or go rogue and explore numerous locations including abandoned terraforming towers, mining sites, caves, canyons, meteor impact sites and more.

Until today select players and press will have an opportunity to be among the first to fight to survive and explore the mysterious dangers of the Red Planet in Memories of Mars ahead of its upcoming Early Access launch on Steam, planned for Spring 2018.