Gray Dawn

Gray Dawn coming soon

Play a priest on a quest to prove his innocence to avoid execution.

Gray Dawn is a first-person horror game that entangles you into the terrifying adventure of a priest on a quest to prove his innocence. Marvel at a gothic-inspired world with strong Eastern European influences that drives the story forward in unbelievable ways.

From serene, never-ending fields to crammed, claustrophobic hallways, the environment is designed to instill fear, suspense or catharsis and peace, toying with the gamer’s emotions.

Are You Guilty Or Not? Travel back in time to Christmas Eve, 1910, where you’re suspected of murdering one of your altar boys. You find yourself trapped in the middle of strange events that involve demonic possession and divine apparitions.

In this first-person atmospheric thriller, you will be kept on the edge of your seat from start to finish. You will interact with objects and solve puzzles that will help you progress in your quest to find out the mystery behind the missing boy. Throughout the game you will explore both real and unreal universes that will bring you in the middle of the war between delusion and truth.

Gray Dawn will be launching on Steam on the 7th of June and can be added to your wishlist now if you’re interested.