Safe House

Safe House is out now for PC

Manage your own team of undercover agents in this thriller simulator. 

One-man Canadian studio Labs Games announced today the release of its spy-simulator game Safe House, available for PC. Safe House gives players the chance of becoming a spy network manager in the format of a simulation game where they’ll also have to build and maintain their HQ.

“One part tycoon game, one part puzzler, and another part espionage simulator, Safe House is if “Papers, Please”, “Sim Tower”, and “James Bond” had a baby.” That’s how Lab Games described this game that mixes genres like thriller, classic worker management and simulation.

“Congratulations, agent. Due to your exemplary work in the field, you’re being promoted to Chief Officer of the Kazitaire City Safe House. The communist plague has infected this nation, and it will be up to you to liberate it with the swift kick from the boot of American freedom. It’s time to get to work.”, is the starting line of this intriguing spy simulator.

Safe House

The story wraps itself around a CIA officer in charge of managing a group of spies with the objective of collecting intelligence and fighting those in power. Safe House also includes some very interesting elements like forging IDs, cracking codes and the choosing of different paths and options in order to unlock unique endings.

Spies recruited will gain experience and new perks as they complete missions and come back successful, providing players with new tools and high tier team members to embark in more dangerous tasks.

Managing the HQ will include building the right facilities in order to provide medical care for your spies and decoding intel in order to advance in a story that’s forged with a compelling narrative to keep players engaged and intrigued. Different types of recruits include spies, agents and saboteurs.

Safe House’s art style takes plenty from noir spy novels, movies and television shows, with the classic overview camera angle of a simulation game. The full game is available for PC as of today and has a starting price tag on Steam of USD 8.99.