Shape of the World

Shape of the World release colourful new demo

Developers Hollow Tree Games’ serene first person exploration game is set to release next month. 

Beautiful exploration game, Shape of the World released a playable demo last week in the build up to the game’s launch on June 5th.

Hollow Tree Games’ serene first-person exploration game started life as a successful Kickstarter, which was funded back in 2014. The concept that was laid out in the initial funding campaign is now a reality and players can finally explore this surreal, organic world that reacts to their presence.

In what is described as a ‘psychedelically colourful ecosystem’ players might find some solace from the competitive environment of multiplayer games and get to relax a little and just take in the scenery. Everybody needs a timeout every now and then right? The game features a multitude of flourishing flora, as well as rambling waterfalls, burgeoning mountains, glowing monoliths and graceful creatures all realised in a striking, minimalist art style.

Interestingly, Shape of the World features no puzzles and no overarching narrative, instead choosing to offer players an immersive and contemplative experience in a world that procedurally generates around you. The Steam page states the game is ‘1-3 hours’ long and could be considered a perfect ‘escape from work, anxiety and stress’.

Shape of the World is set to release on Steam June 5th and arrive on other platforms June 6th.