Knights of Light

Knights of Light announced

New indie AAA RPG announced, set in 400km open world.

The studio declared that their new project titled Knights of Light is considered an indie AAA title that will offer high quality gaming. This action adventure RPG is set in the medieval era and based on actual historical events that was never introduced before. The story revolves mainly around the climatic battles between the Sassanian empire and the Arab forces in the land of Iraq.

The game will feature several playable side characters and one main character as the champion. The main characters and bosses will be based on actual historical individuals. The game design lead was one of the contributors in the first game of the assassin’s creed franchise. He is greatly inspired by the Witcher franchise and analyzed its story choices and outcomes with attention to every small details.

Despite being a medieval based game but the game will feature a hidden fantasy path in the campaign that the player can tap into. According to the studio the game will contain about 60 playing hours along with two estimated expansions.

To be as authentic as possible the studio hired a professional writer who issued two successful medieval novels before. The writer noted his interest in adding depth to the main story with the side quests and player choices affecting the world around him.

The world in the game is suspected to be a massive 400 kilometers, and is highlighted in the Knights of Light work in progress trailer.