99Floors cash prize for completion remains unclaimed

Think you can beat what’s described as the world’s hardest game challenge?


99Floors is a punishing dungeon crawler-esque platformer developed by solo indie dev, Luke Powell, that recently released through its very own website and on itch.io, that proposes an interesting challenge to players. Beat the game and win a cash prize.

The prospective prize money comes directly out of profits generated from the game’s sales and therefore increases the longer it goes unbeaten. According to the website, the pot is currently sitting at just shy of $2000 and remains unclaimed. Not a single player has yet managed to conquer all 99 floors.

To win the prize players must beat 99 consecutive, randomly generated dungeon floors with each floor getting progressively more difficult, spawning more enemies, traps, and ways to kill you as you climb higher. Picking from 18 unlockable characters, each with their own stats and abilities, players must battle their way through hordes of monsters collecting loot as they ascend onward in their quest to reach the top. You can find items and upgrades along the way to increase your chances of reaching the mysterious floor 100, but be prepared to die a lot, this is not a very forgiving game.

If you fancy your chances you’ll just have to follow a few simple rules. Your feat has to be recorded and, of course, you can’t use any glitches, exploits or cheats. If you manage to do all that and within the rules then all the prize money is yours to do with as you please.

You can check out a more detailed look at the rules for entry here. Also, don’t worry about having to speedrun the game in a day, the competition is planned to run indefinitely until someone wins, so it should be interesting to see how long the money sits unclaimed.