Gate of Memories

Anima: Gate of Memories saga heading to Switch

Action RPG inspired by Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata double feature confirmed.

Like Anima: Gate of Memories, The Nameless Chronicles is an Action RPG, hack & slash, full of magical attacks and final bosses, reminiscent of great genre references like Devil May Cry or Nier: Automata, and elements inherited from the traditional RPG genre. Action, exploration and evolution of the character through experience points are some of the mechanics included in its gameplay mechanics.

Anima Project has focused on transferring the original experience of the series to Nintendo Switch: Both Anima: Gate of Memories and The Nameless Chronicles run at a stable 60 frames per second, both in portable mode and in the docked mode.

Nameless Chronicles takes us back to the events that gave birth to the first Anima, but from the perspective of the enemy side. We will put ourselves in the shoes of “Nameless”, an immortal who has assumed different identities throughout history, and his quest to find death after thousands of years in the world. In Nameless Chronicles we will learn details of the life of “Nameless”, what moves him, and we will embody many of his past lives.

This new Anima is a totally new and different adventure; in fact, the vast majority of the scenarios and situations differ completely from those of the first Anima Project title, although there will be elements and characters that only those who have played the first installment of the saga will recognise.

There’s not yet an exact release date for the Switch version, however The Nameless Chronicles is coming to Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on the 19th of July.