Pre-Alpha demo released for MindSeize

Take a look at the pre-alpha demo for 2D sci-fi action adventure.

Finnish indie company Kamina Dimension have announced the release of their pre-alpha demo for the 2D action-adventure game MindSeize. Set in a futuristic universe, in this adventure exploration is the key to success. The game is inspired by series like Metroid, Castlevania and Mega Man X.

MindSeize’s main character is chasing a dangerous organisation that is stealing people’s minds, leaving them in a coma. Attacked by the leader of the organisation, our protagonist must hire a crew and connect his mind into a robot body to continue the chase, as any rational human being would do, of course.

Taking the crew to an abandoned planet, Takomo-7, and the demo begins as you and your crew descend into the ruined city. The demo features one large area for you to explore, with multiple secrets, enemies and bosses within. You are equipped with a gun, a sword and a dash ability to help you move around.

The pre-alpha demo features:

  • One big area for you to explore, up to an hour of gameplay
  • Plenty of secret upgrades
  • Fight your enemies with a gun and a sword
  • Two boss fights

Find the pre-alpha demo for MindSeize on itch.io or Game Jolt.