Trago gets release date

Drink shots at a Brazilian bar and unveil the multiple ending story.

Trago is a multiple ending narrative game about drinking shots in a real Brazilian bar atmosphere. You play as Juca, a hard worker, who can’t face his own problems very well. On a especially tiring night, Juca decides to stop at Trago, a regular pub on the way home – the best place to have a little chat and distract yourself. But it won’t be a regular night at a bar.

You have to drink shots to get courage and interact with others – bar locals Joana and Carlos, and your friends on the phone. By talking to people you’ll gradually discover the true mystery about Trago. However, if Juca is only thinking about drinking, he may find himself in serious trouble.

Trago features:

  • Four dramatic episodes, one great mystery to solve;
  • A dizzy drinking gameplay with four types of exotic drinks
  • Five possible endings based on dialogues, your actions and phone-calls;
  • Dynamic narrative – choose well which conversation to start;
  • Fun and delightful dialogues;
  • Beautiful art – experience a Brazilian bar in great style.


Trago will be launching on Steam next month. There’s no information on pricing yet, but we’ll keep you updated with more info as it comes.