Redout Space Assault coming in 2019

The next generation tactical space shooter is coming!

34BigThings, developer behind the award-winning futuristic racer Redout, have announced that a spin-off title, Redout Space Assault is now in development for Windows PC. The spin-off is focusing on giving a singleplayer and multiplayer tactical dogfight experience, while also promising to maintain the adrenaline rush, high skill ceiling, frantic pace and popping aesthetics that determined the success of original game, with spaceflight and weapons added to the mix. The story of the singleplayer campaign revolves around humanity facing the most daunting and desperate task in its existence: fleeing Earth. The ruthless Colonization Fleet constantly fights cutthroat rebel bands to secure routes and resources and it’s your job to help escort Cargo ships to safety and infiltrate the colossal Motherships and blow them up from within.

Lead Game Designer of Redout Space Assault, Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, had this to say about how the game will be determined by your actions and how your loadout will change how you play.

“The uniqueness of Redout: Space Assault will lie in its tactical layer. Not only players will choose between different ships and loadouts, each one coming with strategic advantages; they will also be able to dock and take control of larger ships with superior firepower, move them around the battlefield, decide which subsystems to repair and which to upgrade. There will be more than one road to victory.”

The spin-off title is expected to release in the first quarter of 2019 for Windows PC. If you are interested, feel free to visit the Redout Space Assault Steam page and add it to your wishlist!