Limbo and Inside are hours away from the Switch

Playdead’s masterpieces will be released for Nintendo’s console on Thursday. 


Danish indie studio Playdead is getting everything ready to release their award winning and game-changing puzzle platformers Inside and Limbo to the Nintendo Switch. These two games will be available as of this thursday, June 28th.

For anyone who hasn’t already played Playdead’s indie jewels, Limbo and Inside have changed the way the platform genre approaches dark themes with their simply astounding narrative qualities. Currently, Limbo and Inside are available for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and mobile devices.

Limbo, the game that introduced us to Playdead’s talent in game development, was released back in 2010 for Xbox Live Arcade, later ported to Playstation 3 and PC. Its black and white concept and truly great gameplay placed it silently at the top of the all-time-best platformers.

Inside was released in 2016 and was clearly meant to continue Limbo’s legacy. Also featuring a lonely boy in a strange world, these two games approach subjects like existentialism, loneliness and human nature. Both games feature a completely mute narrative, that nevertheless accomplishes to send compelling and profound messages.

As of this Thursday, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to have a taste of these two masterpieces in the midst of the indie swarm that has been invading NIntendo’s latest console during the past months.

Limbo and Inside are two great options for players looking to get a different kind of experience than the common places of Nintendo’s sunny and bright nature. Both games pose interesting questions and deliver memorable endings which we will obviously not spoil.

News of this release broke from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which was then confirmed by Playedad’s official Twitter account. Our advice? If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner we highly encourage you to try out these true indie gems.