Restaurant sim Diner Bros is out now

Restaurant-themed co-op/party game goes live on Steam.

Diner Bros

Running a restaurant isn’t so much a job as a way of life: the struggle of attracting and keeping customers, the demands of managing your time, the small mistakes that can cause the whole operation to come crashing down like a pile of plates dropped on the floor by a clumsy waiter. But if you want to let your inner Gordon Ramsay loose, then good news: Diner Bros is available now on Steam!

In this game, which is best played in co-op mode with 2-4 players, your job is quite simply to run your very own restaurant. Choosing from different roles including server and chef, you will build up a loyal clientele, invest in new equipment and develop new menu items. Remember the golden rule of hospitality – the customer is always right! – and you might just turn your greasy spoon café into a renowned 3-star restaurant which is the talk of the town.

As we mentioned in our previous article on Diner Bros, your customers may turn out to be more trouble than you bargained for – Athletes are not so hard to deal with, although they will demand healthy options and will be in a rush to get to their training sessions, but watch out for sneaky Punks who will try to sneak off without paying. And of course, all customers will get angry if you mess up their orders or keep them waiting!

Diner Bros has been developed by JAYFL Games, a solo studio from Canada for whom this is their debut game. This restaurant sim is intended to be very easy to pick up and play even for infrequent gamers, and as shown by its cartoony visuals Diner Bros is first and foremost a bit of fun, although things might get rather heated if you play with friends who are less than reliable and everything starts going wrong! You can grab it on Steam here.