Survived By

Free-To-Play MMO Survived By enters closed Beta

Human Head Studio (Prey) and Digital Extremes included brand new content, including raids and monthly events. 

Indie veterans at Human Head Studios (Prey), partnered with Canadian publisher company Digital Extremes (responsible for Warframe), announced today the beginning of the closed Beta stage for their free-to-play MMO, Survived By. The game features a permadeath centered experience with bullet-hell concepts and users cooperation.

Survived By is a retro pixel art looking MMO where players aim to make it through raids, boss fights and dungeon exploration in order to gather loot, crafting materials and, above all, be able to continue playing, something that’s hard to get in this permadeath centered experience.

This closed Beta comes with the game’s first monthly event and the introduction of 10-player Raids and Hard mode dungeons, all with an updated user interface (UI) and graphics. Anyone wanting to get in this early stage of development can sumbit their request in Survived By’s official website.

Survived By

The game’s first major event, named Prophecies of Sin, is a limited time challenge starting today and ending on July 25th. “Atop a giant ziggurat, players must summon a devastating new boss and coordinate their efforts to save the world. Only the most brazen will emerge victorious and earn never-before-seen exclusive event skins, gear and unique titles.”, reads the latest press release.

Beta players can now also enjoy the 10-player-limited Raid Dungeon, Conduit of Fire, in which cooperation and strategy will prove to be not only important, but indispensable.

The closed Beta stage for Survived By includes:

  • Hard Mode Dungeons. These brand new dungeons act as variations of the original dungeons but with more rooms, increased monsters and more rewarding loot.
  • More Ways to Customize. New skins, legacies, set bonuses, bullet patterns, item sockets, item levels and permanent bonuses await in the Heartlands. Launching today will also be a brand new attachment system that will allow players to add cosmetic items including giant bat wings, burning footsteps and more.
  • Updated Visuals. Reimagined zones, enemies, sprites and an all-new UI.