Gene Rain

Gene Rain hits Xbox One next week

Xbox players can soon experience this thrilling sci-fi shooter!

Chinese publisher E-Home Entertainment Development today announced that their dystopian third person shooter, Gene Rain will be launching on Xbox One on July 24th, 2018! Set in a futuristic world where humans and technology collide, In Gene Rain players control the Death Squad, who must put a halt to a catastrophic gene-altering rain, which has been killing generations of innocent humans for years. Exploring the notion that the end does not always justify the means, Gene Rain expands the plot through new human narrative structures offering spectacular next-gen graphics. Here is what Kavka Wang, the Marketing Director at E-Home Entertainment Development had to say about the Xbox One launch of the game and how Gene Rain will draw players into its world.

“Following its launch on Playstation 4, we are now gearing up towards the launch on Xbox One, so Xbox players can experience this thrilling third person shooter. Gene Rain draws players into a post-apocalyptic world with a rich backstory, that keeps them engaged through intense combat and striking visual effects. On a deeper level, Gene Rain portrays the story of a tragic hero who, despite his good intentions, chooses to sacrifice countless human lives for a brighter tomorrow.”

The game will be available on the Xbox Store starting July 24th. No price has been confirmed just yet for the Xbox version, but if you are interested in playing it on PS4 you can also find it on the PlayStation store right now.