Fez to be removed from GOG.com

Puzzle adventure game hops off the platform.


Per the developers request, FEZ is set to leave the popular digital storefront GOG.com from today. Announced yesterday via a limited message on its forum, GOG states that ‘if you own FEZ on GOG.COM by [July 25th 4pm UTC], you’ll retain access to it in your library.’ But for those without a GOG copy, say goodbye to your chances of picking it up from this digital shopfront.

While it is still unclear as to why Polytron has pulled the game from the website, some members of the GOG forum have suggested that a tweet posted by GOG last week may be a factor. The tweet contained a potentially pro-Gamergate meme, showing the protagonist of Postal 2 pissing on a gravestone that has ‘Games Journalism, Committed Suicide August 28, 2014’. With this being the date many consider the point at which Gamergate started, the tweet was not a good look for the company. GOG have since deleted and apologised for the tweet, but the timing between these two events does appear to match up. But, of course, there could be many other reasons for the developer’s decision.

For the moment FEZ is still available to purchase on Steam, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any further developments.