Fast Dust

Fast Dust racing into August

A racer in which its cars are their own character!

Binary Giants, a newly formed Polish Studio, has today announced that its new game Fast Dust will be launching on August 22nd, 2018! As a new driver, you are starting to build your position in the ranking of the 155 best drivers. Before each race, your buddy Harry, who is piloting your career, sends you an information about the number of opponents, weather conditions and possible shortcuts on the route. By winning the race you gain not only a higher position in the racking but also gain in-game currency which allows you to pay the entry fee before each race. The condition on the road will not always be ideal, so get ready for rain, snow, fog and night drive!

However an additional source of cash are bets in which you can participate before the race. The stake is either cash or a car. Be aware that you can also lose the bet. In order to have an additional car in the garage, you have to win the bet, so the risk sometimes pays off. Also by winning the race, you can unlock various upgrades to purchase. There is also four different types of races to chose from:

  •  Standard – a race against several drivers, the goal is to take first place.
  • Elimination – a race against several drivers, there are gates on the route, the last driver is knocked out on each gate, in order to win you have to reach the last gate first.
  • Checkpoint – you drive alone, on the route there are gates that you have to reach in a given time, a win allows you to move to the next race.
  • Countdown – you drive alone and you have to reach the finish line in a given time, by winning you prove that you are ready to compete with better drivers.

Be sure to check out the game on the Fast Dust Steam page when it launches on August 22nd. It currently has no set price.