Goblin sport-brawler Graveball is out today

Iowa based indie studio Goin’Yumbo released a 3v3 goblin mix of basketball, baseball and football. 

Goin’Yumbo, an indie studio located in Mason City, Iowa, announced today the release of its 3v3 game combining sports like football, baseball and basketball with a goblin brawler experience, resulting in a hillarious and thrilling proposal called Graveball.

In Graveball players will have to score points by throwing a “skullball” through their opponent’s hoop, which appears every 30 seconds on the field. Another way to win the game is smashing the opposing team’s goblins with clubs and other devices.

But there’s a twist to death in Graveball: when a goblin dies its spirit is released, which moves twice as fast and can also compromise your victory. That’s why this game features a “suicide” button in order to take advantage of the goblin’s afterlife.


“These creepy little goblins are near and dear to me after spending so much time making sure Graveball was the game I wanted it to be,” said Riley Dirksen, founder, Goin’ Yumbo. “I invite you all to meet them in the cemetery, and I hope you have fun with their bizarre bloodsport.”

The latest press release also notes: “Deft use of techniques like ghost-dashing and club-tossing make Graveball a high-skill high-thrill romp through the cemetery. Turn a near-defeat into a valiant comeback by getting slaughtered, then ghosting to defend the endzone and throwing the club to knock the skullball out of the way. All goblins are on an equal playing field with the same abilities, differentiated only by unlockable masks, weapons, hairstyles, and taunt animations, so learning how to play is the only way to ensure victory.” Graveball also promises “last-second saves” and mid-air actions like catching opponents’ weapons and snatch their chances of scoring.

Graveball is available digitally in English for PC via Steam for $4.99 USD.