Alter Army

Alter Army gets release date and new trailer

The game by Vague Pixels an indie studio started by two 16-year-old boys from India. 

Fast-paced action platformer, Alter Army has announced its imminent release date with a stylish new trailer. The studio behind it, Vaugue Pixels was started by two 16-year-old boys from India with little to no development experience.

After finding inspiration from Indie Game: The Movie the pair began development on Alter Army eventually finding funding and working on the game over the last two years. Learning to code whilst still attending school the pair honed their skills, travelling to games jams and eventually taking Alter Army to Nasscom, the largest developer’s conference in the region, where Alter Army was picked out as one of five finalists for the game of the year award.

Alter Army lets you take control of four unique characters, each with a different play-style, through fast-paced and challenging levels. The world is coming to an end and a fierce battle over resources has broken out. You’ll have to fight your way through hordes of monsters and epic bosses with spectacularly destructive weaponry to secure the crystals you need to survive.

Alter Army will be blasting its way onto Steam 4 August.