Life is Strange

Life is Strange 2 drops mysterious new teaser trailer

Apparently ‘all will be revealed’ 20 August. 

Developers of the critically acclaimed Life is Strange series, DONTNOD have released a strange new teaser trailer for their upcoming sequel that just ever so slightly hints at some more story details. Very little is known about the game so far, but a statement at the end of the trailer suggests ‘all will be revealed’ on 20 August, the day before Gamescom kicks off.

Following on from the release of the free to play teaser chapter, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, DONTNOD hint further that Life is Strange 2 will involve some kind of destructive superpowers after we see the police officer in the video blown across the road by something. The video is quite short, but shows one Officer Mattews responding to a 10-10 call, which in police talk generally means a fight in progress. After disappearing off screen momentarily he is seen blown back by some kind of force, an energy so strong it also rolls his police car.

What all this could mean for the series is unknown, but it’s clear the developers are keen on creating a whole universe of unique characters and stories. As publisher Square Enix put it in an email.

“Experience an all-new journey into the Life is Strange universe, that will establish Life is Strange as a diverse world of storytelling and solidify the franchise as a source of immersive narrative adventures for years to come.”

Life is Strange’s first episode is set to release 27 September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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