The Boy Who Typed Wolf released today

Can you solve this enigma?

Enigma Pendulum have announced that their point-and-click puzzler will be released for PC today. But can you solve this enigma?

Explore a mysterious environment, solve intriguing puzzles and discover dark secrets in one of the most unique point-and-click adventure experiences. The Boy Who Typed Wolf combines elements of real history and mythology to create an engaging story which unfolds through smart puzzle design and carefully placed references. The game modernizes elements of old-school first person perspective adventure games and reworks many outdated aspects to create a more fluid and enjoyable experience.

Alongside a true immersive story and interesting puzzles the game also contains secrets hidden throughout the map, providing replayability and an additional layer of challenge by unlocking new evidence, new areas and an alternate ending. This is the perfect journey for anyone who wishes to discover and solve a real mystery first hand by exploring the dark origins of an enigmatic land.

The Boy Who Typed Wolf is released today on Steam.