Young Souls

RPG beat-em-up Young Souls revealed

The trailer gives us a first glimpse at the deeply narrative-driven gameplay. 

The Arcade Crew and 1P2P today revealed their new game, Young Souls, a touching and deeply narrative-driven adventure about saving the world with a first-look trailer.

The game features fluid combat mechanics and slick animations all wrapped inside a profound story with unforgettable characters. With writer Matthew Ritter, who worked on The Walking Dead game and Nova Phase graphic novels, taking care of the script we’re sure to get a powerful story.

“Young Souls features intelligently designed drop-in/drop-out mechanics, meticulously and gorgeously rendered environments to play in, set to a beautiful original soundtrack scored by Joachim Neuville (Inside My Radio),” said publishers The Arcade Crew in an email.

The game will feature 70+ dungeons to explore with a strong arcade feel. Throughout exploring this beautifully hand-drawn 2D environment players will be able to train, collect gold and raid in the dozens of levels utilising a wide variety of weapons.

Young Souls does not yet have a release date.