No Longer Home close to reaching Kickstarter goal

An art style that makes you wanna go oooh.

It really does feel like the best way for indie developers to get their game noticed these days is through social media; peppering twitter with preview gifs and examples of beautiful art styles hook players line and sinker before the game is even fully fledged. This is exactly how Sable developed its buzz a few months back, and is now how No Longer Home is getting journalist’s hearts racing.

According to the HumbleGrove’s Kickstarter page, ‘No Longer Home is an episodic magical realist point-and-click adventure game. Drawing from the personal experiences of the two lead developers, the main characters Bo and Ao, two recent university graduates, prepare to move out of their flat and face the looming threat of adult life.’ Players can expect to wander through the pair’s small flat, examining their everyday belongings and delving into the thoughts and insights of the two as they develop their relationships and grow.

It’s premise and naturalistic settings are certainly catching the attention of many, as the developer’s Kickstarter page is already close to reaching its first goal of 25,000. This is certainly a game to watch out for.

No Longer Home will first be available on Mac, PC and Linux and in the meantime check it out on Kickstarter.