Vehicle based MOBA Switchblade gearing up for release

Switch seamlessly between a variety of sci-fi vehicles on PC or PS4.

Switchblade sees players compete in a frantic 5v5 arena-style battle. Switching seamlessly between heavily armed sci-fi vehicles at any time and creating endless tactical choices, teams must react quickly, plan strategically and work together in order to take down opposition towers. Battling and escorting explosive mobs, healing teammates damaged vehicles and defending towers from the enemy onslaught – every vehicle has a strategic role to play in Switchblade. Players must choose their roles wisely and be willing to switch in an instant to make every second count in the arena.

This is war at 150 miles per hour, requiring fast tactical decision making, individual skill and relentless teamwork to be victorious. Players will be able to join the Switchblade Early Access Founders Program on Steam or PS4 at launch. Founders will benefit from a special Founders Pack, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.


Developer Lucid Games Ltd spoke of the Early Access release:

“Some features of the game are still in experimental phase and need balancing. We want to gather feedback from the community and continue developing with your feedback in mind. We plan to move out of Early Access in between October and December 2018. We want to make sure that the game has the quality we are looking for before releasing a final version. Once released from Early Access, Switchblade will go Free to Play.”

Switchblade is coming to Early Access on Steam and PS4 on the 28th of August.