Kickstarter launched for Sikanda

This 3D Action-Adventure is looking for your support.

Sikanda, a 3D top-down Action-Adventure/RPG from small Austrian studio Dyadic Games, has today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. Inspired by famous Japanese SNES classics of the 90s such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Secrets of Mana, Sikanda is hoping to brings something new (and cute) to the genre.

The game takes place on the moon of an uninhabited planet, where a young hero has accidentally stumbled upon an ancient pendant named “Sikanda”. Throughout the adventure, the hero acquires several skills for “Sikanda” to transform it into powerful weapons and tools. These instruments are invaluable for solving challenging puzzles and fighting your way through dangerous dungeons.

Key features of the game include:

  • Players can choose their character (boy or girl) and guide them through a journey with lots of distractions and non-linear progression.
  • Environment design is based on gameplay mechanics to deliver the best possible experience to the player.
  • Real-time action battles will challenge players’ skills in fast tactical decision making.
  • Tons of side-quests, hidden treasures and secret passages – exploration is encouraged and
  • will be rewarded!
  • Lovely hand-painted models with a great sense for details show the developers’ affection for the world they build.
  • An epic soundtrack that will turn each moment of the game into a pleasure.
  • An intriguing, character-driven story that holds unexpected twists will keep players attached even after finishing the game.

You can find out more about Sikanda at their Kickstarter page where they will be running their campaign until 18th September, or check them out on Steam. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2020 but may also be released on other platforms if funding goes well.