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ADIOS Amigos lifts off onto Xbox One and Steam

You can’t spell space without co-op simulator – oh wait.

With Overcooked 2 showing everybody what a massive market co-op games remain, we’re happy to see another game, ADIOS Amigos, throwing its space helmet into the ring. Put together by ex-DICE devs, this physics-based 2D space exploration game is being billed as “a mix between Kerbal and Spelunker.”

You play as 1-4 small alien space-traveler(s). Your space ships navigation computer (ZING) has lost track of where you are and now you and your friends have to help them find their way home. To get home you will have to traverse a number of solar systems without your spaceship running out of fuel. To progress you need to explore. Every new discovery will award you star-points that ZING needs to plot a jump to the next solar system.

Some main features of ADIOS Amigos include:

  • A deep and challenging space-sim/platformer hybrid, that an adult can play with their 6-year old child.
  • 1-4 player couch co-op game with an innovative adaptable split-screen.
  • Rich simulations of entire solar systems opens up for unrivaled emergent gameplay.
  • The player is free to do anything within the confines of the simulation including, spontaneously exiting the ship inside a busy asteroid field, flying to the sun and melting your ship, towing a giant mushroom and riding a sofa into a black hole

ADIOS Amigos will be released on September 12 for Xbox One and Steam.