Furi gets free Steam update today

The bullet hell boss fighter is getting 60% off for two days.

Fight your way free in our frenzied all-boss fighter, and discover what’s waiting behind the last gate. Furi is an ultra-responsive combat game with a unique mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting. Each of the formidable guardians—designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki—has a unique combat style that requires focus and skill to defeat. The high-energy action gets a boost from an award-winning soundtrack composed by up-and-coming electro and synthwave musicians.

Deemed “supremely stylish”, “genre-bending”, and “intensely engaging” by the gaming press and praised for its unique mix of sword fighting and dual-stick shooting, Furi has garnered an overwhelming 93% positive reviews on Steam.

“Furi’s been called difficult, but it’s also a game praised for its visual universe, its meaningful story or its high energy soundtrack. That’s why we designed this update, to let a non-hardcore audience enjoy a bit of Furi too.” said Audrey Leprince co-founder of The Game Bakers. The update also proves very useful for the hardcore crowd, giving them a set of useful commands to practice their fights.

  • The Invincible mode: a set of commands that can be used to become invincible, skip a fight, skip or lock a certain phase in a fight, or weaken a boss. The feature can be used in Story mode by players who want to focus on the narrative and audio visual experience without worrying about the challenging fights. It enables players to skip completely a boss or just a difficult phase. But it can also be used by experienced players to practice their skills, in particular by speedrunners looking to improve their time on specific combat phases.
  • Control Scheme D: an alternate control scheme, that helps dodging or parrying while shooting/slashing, and was designed based on discussion with the game community.


The update for Furi is free on Steam now, and from this evening until the 31st of August will be on sale with 60% off.