CHOP gets Early Access Trailer

Chop at your enemies.

After 3 years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the French studio Claws Up Games, has brought us a brand new trailer for their early access title CHOP. A local multiplayer arena fighting game, CHOP aims to reclaim the couch game genre.

CHOP can be played up to 4 players, but you can still play solo against bots. The gameplay is all about fast-paced action. Swords will fly, bodies will be chopped, tons of blood will be shed and you’ll probably end up shouting at your friends. Or at your dog… if friends are a little thin on the ground.

The game offers a unique twist with its flagship game mode: Rush Out. In Rush Out your goal is to rush out through your portal as fast as possible. Don’t worry, you still need to kill, as it’s the only way to open the portal. It closes if you die, so you’ll be under a lot of pressure when it comes to escaping. Don’t mess around, just kill someone and rush out!

Some key features of CHOP include:

  • Up to 4 player local multiplayer
  • Glorious dismemberments, delightful executions, silly gory graphics all wrapped up in a comic book style
  • 4 playable characters
  • 4 special abilities
  • 2 game modes available on Early Access release : Rush Out and Last Survivor
  • Various and unique arenas (20+ on release)
  • Random bonuses to spice up battles
  • Many options to customize your games


CHOP will be released on Steam early access on August 31st for PC.