Nuclear Throne developers announce surprise new game

Vlambeer has piqued our curiosity.


With any games conference comes the potential for some juicy surprises, and this year’s PAX West 2018 is no exception. Vlambeer, the developers of Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers, used their booth to showcase a whole new and never-before-seen game, which is yet to be named.

Seemingly a standard shoot’em-up, Vlambeer’s newest project casts the player as a ship, armed with lasers and a containment field to get through the multiple enemies. But don’t let the game’s basic structure fool you, as a far deeper strategic framework is hiding underneath.

The ship aims itself as you move around, locking onto the nearest enemy so that aiming isn’t entirely down to you. To complicate things further new enemies do not spawn continuously as you might expect. When engaged in battle with the first enemies, they spawn a green slimy substance, and it is from these gross puddles that new enemies emerge. These enemies can have a variety of combat styles, and the screen can get very busy.

That’s all we’ve heard about the game for now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for this one. In the meantime you can check out Vlambeer’s highly rated Nuclear Throne on Steam.