The Bard’s Tale IV first wishlist goal unlocked

The dungeon crawler’s first wishlist goal is a nod to Darkest Dungeon.

inXile today announce that the first goal of The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep Wishlist Initiative has been unlocked. inXile will, with the support of Red Hook Studios, provide an in-game version of the iconic torch from Darkest Dungeon to all players at launch.

With this first goal unlocked, the Wishlist Initiative continues. Interested gamers can wishlist the game on either Steam, or Humble. At 300K wishlisters, the retail price will drop $5 from $39.95 to $34.95. At 500K wishlisters, the retail price will fall another $5 to $29.95 and a free DLC will be created and released for all game owners.

In addition, inXile has expanded the program with a Poland-specific campaign. If 30K Polish residents wishlist the game, another unique item – the Golden Onion – will be created and added to the game. This item is a nod to a cultural saying in Poland, where a “good onion” represents good value. If achieved, these wishlist adds count to the global total and the Golden Onion will be available for all owners of the game.

inXile CEO Brian Fargo said:

“We’re thrilled that we’ve hit the first goal, and we’ve been very happy with fan response to the Initiative. That said, we’re going to continue to push this Initiative in the short time we have left. We’d love to see gamers drive down the price and generate some extra content for the game. It’s a win/win for everyone, and again, it doesn’t cost anyone anything – just the time they take to wishlist the game on their accounts.”

The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep will launch on Steam on the 18th of September 2018. It is expected to arrive later on PS4 and Xbox One, though there’s no release date as yet.