Little Bug launches today

Get lost with Nyah in the inner city wilderness.

Brand new indie studio on the block, Buddy System, have today launched their debut title, Little Bug, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The successfully funded game on Fig, and IndieCade 2018 Festival nominee, follows the story of Nyah, a young city girl lost in a mysterious world inhabited by restless spirits.

Controlling both Nyah and her spirit companion, the player must use the pair’s telekinetic connection to swing across moonlit mountains, canyons and deserts, while discovering items that reveal fragments of Nyah’s life.

Co-creater Bela Messex said of the game, “I personally wanted to make something that felt dreamlike, that reminded me of camping in the woods as a kid.  When you are young, and out in the moonlight, your imagination can just run wild. That was the very first intention of Little Bug and everything else followed.”

Iman Sylvain, fellow co-creator, also added, “I thought it was important to show people of diverse identities, especially women of color, as characters that have depth, and are not exotified or over-sexualized, as default characters in games.” And that’s definitely something we can get behind.

The game features:

  • An Unexpected Journey: Follow the story of Nyah, a young city girl, as she travels through the spiritual subconscious of the women in her family. Her journey reveals the power that comes from trusting your intuition and nurturing the collective strength of those you love.
  • Simple Controls, Complex Gameplay: Using dual analog stick controls, form a powerful telekinetic beam between Nyah and her spirit companion to swing to new heights, destroy barriers, thwart spirits, and light the way to secret locations along Nyah’s journey.
  • Discover Dozens of Unique Items: Collect unique treasures, store them in Nyah’s lunchbox, then offer them to Roadkill, the mysterious spirit cat, to unlock challenge levels with special items.
  • Lush Art Style: Little Bug’s supernatural atmosphere merges playful, hand drawn 2D animations with beautifully detailed 3D landscapes.
  • Unique Soundtrack:  Little Bug’s original soundtrack comprises of lo-fi synths, human voices and samples taken from nature. The music evokes a spectrum of moods, a blend as complex as Nyah’s imagination.

Little Bug is now available on Steam,, Game Jolt, and the Humble Store for $9.99.