The Maestros

Team-based multiplayer RTS The Maestros gets a short open beta

The open beta will last one weekend and the full release is scheduled for October 3rd. 

Real-Time Strategy and team-based arena multiplayer game The Maestros will enter a weekend-long open beta stage on September 28th, as announced by indie developers at Systence Games. This period will last until the 30th, followed up by the full release on October 3rd.

Open beta keys can be requested easily through this link and start learning the game’s basics until the full game gets released. This open beta weekend will start on 9/28 at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern.

In The Maestros players pick a main hero and work towards transforming cute animals into battle-ready beasts and robots. Work with your teammates in 3v3 battles to overcome your opponents in this funny-looking, goofy RTS mixed with some MOBA elements.

The Maestros

As explained by Systence Games, The Maestros features the following:

  • Battle in 3v3 multiplayer arenas
  • Unlock commanders & factions
  • Fire rockets out of tortoises’ shells
  • Top the leaderboards
  • Electrocute somebody with tesla coil unicycles
  • Tame the powerful Dreadbeast

“The story of The Maestros pits the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia against the Alchemists of Regalis across several maps with varied objectives, AI-controlled enemies and bosses on the field waiting to be conquered. The game combines what’s best in top-down strategy with the exciting pace of a competitive shooter. Both kingdoms are chasing the rare resource Arkanium to fuel war efforts and bring glory to their people.”, reads the latest press release published today about the game’s narrative.

The Maestros has a price tag of USD $12.99 / GBP $10.29, while players can get it with a discount price on release of USD $9.74 / GBP $7.72. Systence Games was founded by University of Southern California alumni, and is focused on creating fun multiplayer experiences, with a special drive of forging player communities.