Laser League 10

Laser League coming to PS Plus next month

Fast-paced arena-based sport game with lasers will be free for PS Plus members.

Laser League is a fast-paced, competitive arena sports game, with lasers. Matches are played as either 2 vs 2 or 3vs 3 with gameplay consisting of taking control of spawning laser nodes within the arena limits to activate a laser for your team. Different nodes on different maps will react differently, creating a moving laser wall of a specific pattern. Touching a laser of your enemies colour is fatal, and avoiding these becomes increasingly difficult as the arena fills with nodes.

Players are offered a choice of six different classes to play as, each with unique roles and abilities. Shock, for example, stuns and knocks down enemies in an area of effect, making them susceptible to your lasers. Thief, on the other hand, can steal the laser nodes that belong to your enemies and swap them to your colour, taking enemy players by surprise.

There are currently four maps available, each consisting of several different spawning laser node set-ups, for a total of 19 different arenas. Each arena also contains spawning power ups that can drastically change the course of a match. Switch, for example, can be particularly devastating, as it inverts the colours of all active lasers, especially powerful if your team is currently being dominated.

Laser League will be available to download for free to PlayStation Plus members in October. Laser League is also available on Steam (where it is currently rated very positively), priced at £10.99 / $14.99 / €14.99.