Pig Eat Ball

Pig Eat Ball trots out of Early Access

The arcade “Eat-em-up” with a unique barf mechanic!

Pig Eat Ball, the bizarre indie title developed by Mommy Best Games, has officially launched out of Early Access today! For the uninitiated, Pig Eat Ball is a surreal fast-paced game whereby players have to eat balls then barf them out in order to successfully overcome a plethora of different worlds, challenges and bosses. Explore tons of bizarre worlds, ranging from the squid-infested land of the Sushi Gardens to the deadly Kitchen Chaos, each filled with dozens of hand-crafted challenges to overcome! Mommy’s Best Games also worked closely with renowned leaders in the games accessibility space which helped them create more possibilities for all types of games such as a dozen of accessibility options to adjust various gameplay, visual and audio facets to offer alternative ways to play which is fantastic!

Furthermore, some of the key features Pig Eat Ball includes are:

  • Pulsating old-school arcade gameplay driven by a unique “barf” mechanic
  • Dozens of intricate worlds to explore
  • Handcrafted (not procedurally generated) challenges means players are always doing something new!
  • Use brain, skill and mouth to overcome huge bosses including the Accordion Centipede and a living pile of NACHOS!
  • Find dozens of disguises aboard the Space Station Kingdom for special abilities – each with both pros and cons
  • 10+hour single-player campaign mode for barfloads of fun
  • Unimaginable characters and enemies bring the lavish universe of Pig Eat Ball to life
  • Rich yet easy-to-understand level editor lets players create, play and share their custom levels to the world in minutes!
  • 4-player couch co-op with customisable goals makes Pig Eat Ball the ultimate party game
  • Over a dozen accessibility options mean as many players as possible can play Pig Eat Ball

If you are interested in checking out the game, be sure to head over to the Steam Page where you can find Pig Eat Ball for 10% for $13.49 / £10.25.