Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine gets new awakening on Switch

Fast paced bullet hell puzzle platformer with hand drawn levels available now.

Rise & Shine combines the bullet-hell action of an arcade shooter with the moment-to-moment tactics of a puzzle platformer for a unique blend of strategy and excitement. Blast swarms of zombies, robots and enormous bosses, then swap to guided projectiles to overcome intricate mazes of dangerous hazards and unlock the way forward. Every level in Rise & Shine is a single, continuous work of hand-drawn art, flowing seamlessly as you dash through chaotic environments of deadly traps, missiles and enemies.

But don’t be fooled by the colorful design – Rise & Shine is a highly lethal adventure. You’ll need to think fast and shoot faster to have any hope of saving the world of Gamearth. And if that’s not tough enough, there are several game modes that really tests your wits and reflexes:

• Normal Mode — Take it easier with a slightly less intense experience

• Hard Mode — If you’re daring, see how long you’ll survive in this new, more intense experience

• Turbo Mode – Complete the game once to unlock a faster, authentic bullet-hell experience that you can combine with either Normal or Hard Mode

The game is available on the Nintendo store now, priced at $14.99. You can also pick up Rise & Shine on Steam, where it has received mostly positive reviews.