Zarvot coming to Nintendo Switch

We’re into cubism.

New York-based independent studio, snowhydra games, are gearing up for the release of Zarvot, a whimsical game about cubes that love to hate each other. The game will be exclusively released on Nintendo Switch this month.

Featuring a four-player local multiplayer, in Zarvot players assume the role of anthropomorphic cubes that are tasked with blowing each other to pieces. The perfect outlet for any aggression brewing between your family or colleagues, the game was inspired by titles like Bomberman and TowerFall and features easy to learn controls.

Set in a series of destructible combat arenas across five game modes, you’ll have to master the minutiae of rapid fire, charge shots, evades, and area attacks if you want to best your buds at this gloriously upbeat competitive arcade affair. There’s also an asymmetrical multiplayer mode called Joy-Vot, wherein one player spawns in enemies to fight their friends.

Additionally, Zarvot features an entire story-driven single-player campaign, as players assume the role of Charcoal and their pal Mustard, a pair of affable cubes determined to cheer up their friend Red on their birthday. Sounds incredibly cute. The heartwarming journey will take players through nine different zones, featuring fully realized dioramas of an abstract world that operates not unlike our own. These comical, cosmopolitan cubes still need to go to flower shops, ride the metro, and sleep in their beds. In Zarvot, snowhydra takes the most humdrum of inanimate objects, and turns them into some of the most well-realized animated characters you’re likely to find.

“I wanted to make a game that boils down what I love about the medium to its essentials,” said Snowhydra Games founder Sam Eng. “Tight, responsive controls; interactive, tactile objects; moving character drama; and the opportunity for emergent multiplayer hijinks. Zarvot is a celebration of everything that makes video games special!”

We’re looking forward to getting cubic. Zarvot will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch this month.